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The Rhein Galerie oppened its doors to my wallet yesterday! It was a great experience! Actually there are not that much shopping mall in the region. This one is worth the trip...However no Zara, no C.O.S, and no American apparel, and no American Vintage ( is there at all American Vintage in Germany??)... There is a shop called ONE WAY, which is quite nice...  

The overall deco is O.K. but still look unfinished...

Don t go there with your car coz there is only one machine pay the parking...It took us 1/2 hour to get out of the thing...

 Finally Hollister was not yet open and I felt a bit sad about it... Naja, it will still be better this winter to go and shop there than in the city... At least its inside !


Rhein Galerie

Rhein Galerie

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